What If?

What If?

What if the Soldaderas, heroine warriors from the Mexican Revolution era, were alive today?

Obviously this is impossible but with our modern tools, we can play around reality. Las Soldaderas were civilian women who made significant contributions to both the federal and rebel armies during the Mexican Revolution of 1910. Though few actually engaged in direct combat, their assistance throughout the ten-year war was enormous. Unfortunately, there is little or no information as to who these women were.

One of the most iconic images from this period shows a group of Soldaderas standing between two train cars, Rieleras. I choose the young woman on the left glancing into the distance as my subject. Her peering, haunting eyes witnessed the good and the bad. I project her into the future by inserting her image into events that have changed our world within the last one hundred years as the Revolution changed hers. She continues being a witness, this Rielera is a perennial seer, no judgment comes from her lips, she simply makes us think, remember.

I dedicate this work to the Mexican women who continue fighting anonymously for the betterment of their lives and that of their Juanes.

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