I am free to do what architects and developers can only dream about.

I am free to do what architects and developers can only dream about.

City in Flux (Work in Progress)…

City in Flux

City in Flux

Sometimes it feels that when you turn around a new high-rise has sprung up replacing something that most times you don’t recall what it was… What started out as a gentle transition with cranes languidly turning right and left as a ballet up in the sky seems now an unbridled race with no end in sight.

There are cities that grew up organically throughout centuries or even millennia with no particular designer masterminding how the city should look. Other places, mostly the less ancient, started with an intention in place. Vancouver is more of the latter kind. Our skyline, the building designs, the streets and open areas, the materials and much more are largely controlled by city planners.

The expected growth of Vancouver makes for a carefully orchestrated project as the available land is limited by nature -water and mountains are our fixed boundaries.

I am free to do what architects and developers can only dream about. I bend engineering protocols, even planners’ minds, to construct new urban environments -reality transformed to produce different or implausible spaces. Photography and imagination allow me to move buildings to new settings, reshape or enlarge them. I even create new land. In these times when real estate prices in Vancouver are hitting the sky, I’m multiplying the land available… Illusion is at the heart of this series. Vancouver is a City in Flux…

My artwork will be displayed at Kabuni, a Community Design Studio with state-of-the-art advanced visualization technology that allows people thinking of renovating, ‘see’ their proposed project in 3D. Incredible! To launch Kabuni, all of June there will be workshops, demonstrations, special offers, contests, and much more.

The inauguration of Kabuni’s display room is this Thursday, June 9th at 8pm at 1378 West Pender, Vancouver

To celebrate the opening of this space and the launching of my “City in Flux” series, I am offering $50 off to you and $50 to be donated to Ending Women’s Homelessness  throughout the month of June.

I look forward to seeing you at the opening or during the month-long opening activities.

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