How do you thank an angel?

How do you thank an angel?

Good things happen sometimes…

youkiIn the last 10 days I’ve been blessed by not one but two angels who have come to my rescue.  One I don’t even know; we just happened to cross paths online. He has solved very urgent dilemmas I had delivering my work to an exhibition on time and within the specified requirements. And not only that, he has also offered to pick up my artwork from the printer in another city and take it to the exhibition!

The other angel has given me endless hours of her busy schedule to help me with numbers… Numbers to me are just shapes; being dyslexic I get them differently or not at all… Understanding what hundreds and hundreds of numbers do in spreadsheets is not my cup of tea… I’m going through this torture (!?) as part of a business program I am taking at Langara College (which is pretty good… except for the 3958574784944049…).

I will now be able to accomplish what I had to do, thanks to these two angels. I am so, so grateful to both. They have brightened my outlook of our world!

On another matter, as part of the “First Saturday Open Studios”, this coming April 2nd, I’ll be open from 12 to 5pm. Drop by to check check my artwork, take advantage of the studio prices…

195 Pemberton Street*
North Vancouver
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The first three people to arrive will get $100 off any artwork over $500.00

How do you thank an angel?

Date: April 10, 2016

Time: 10 am – 5 pm

Location: Pemberton Studios, Studio 4

Address: 195 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver

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