BC Fires from Space, New Studio, and Evictions…

BC Fires from Space, New Studio, and Evictions…

BC Fires from Space

BC Fires from Space

We’ll soon again turn another page in the calendar. For those in B.C., it will be a relief as August has been challenging to say the least with almost 600 fires going. The images from the space show almost a third of the Province under smoke. It’s very sad to see all these forests in flame. At least, the destruction of homes has been much less than in the last years. Although Vancouver is far for any fire, the smoke has been so strong that at times it has been difficult to breathe or see beyond just a few meters away. Is this the future?







Inauguration BC Artscape Studios at 268 Keefer Street, Chinatown, Vancouver.

Inauguration BC Artscape Studios at 268 Keefer Street, Chinatown, Vancouver.

I would like to let you know that I moved to a new studio in Chinatown. The building was inaugurated by Premier John Horgan, Mayor Gregor Robertson, Lisa Beare, the Minister of Arts and Culture, and Hedy Fry, the Federal M.P, on July 29th. Being able to get close to any of these high-ranking officials, and to chat with them without any kind of barrier was a reminder of what a great country Canada is. There was no visible presence of police, nor need to check for weapons. In these trying times, this is laudable. I’m grateful to live here!



As part of ‘First Saturday Open Studios’, I’ll be open this coming Saturday, September 1st, from 12 to 5 pm.   I’ll have some gifts to give away… Drop by!

My studio is # 409, on the fourth floor of the just remodelled Sun Wah building, at 268 Keefer Street, half a block east of Main. There are various public transit options and plenty of cheap parking space. I look forward to seeing you in my new digs.



Now You See Now You Don

Now You See Now You Don’t

For the next step of the ‘City in Flux’ series, after having concentrated on construction and buildings, I am now focusing on those who I believe are being most negatively affected by the changes taking place -renters.

When the rush to build towers started, it was mostly on vacant, industrial, or commercial land. Now that those are mostly gone, the construction fever has turned to tear down inhabited homes and older buildings. This generates havoc on those who do not own and have to find alternative housing. The more this happens, the more complicated the situation becomes for the renters as there are less and less affordable places to move to and they are farther and farther away.

I am looking for evicted or about to be evicted people for this stage of my series which will be called ‘City in Flux – Now We See Now We Don’t’. If you or anyone you know is in this terrible situation and would like to participate, please drop me a line and I’ll explain the details. I think it is crucial to raise awareness of how difficult it is for renters to live here.

Actually, on the day of the inauguration, I proposed to the dignitaries that a portion of rents goes to a fund that would increase according to the gains in the value of the land. That way renters would be able to share in the commonwealth being created with the help of their rents. Right now, they just end up being losers. I really hope you’ll be interested in joining me in this important step. Thanks in advance!

Your comments are greatly appreciated! 

Till the next!


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